Bluetooth Connection Guide

This is a "How To" for Connecting the Nokia Series 60 device (Nokia 7610, 6600, 3650, 3660 etc...) via Bluetooth TM with the Windows Widcomm software used by TDK, Billington, MSI and others Bluetooth USB Vendors.
The guide was created with the 7610 hadset but the steps are similar for other Series 60 devices and have been checked with the 3650 and 6600.

1.Pairing the computer and the Series 60 HandsetPairing is the process of swapping pass keys and setting up a trusted connection between the Bluetooth USB adapter / card connected to the PC and the 7610 handset. Save any files and close any applications you may have been working on.
2. Set up Bluetooth TM on the 7610 by going to the Main Menu, selecting Connect and then Bluetooth.
3. Make sure the Bluetooth option is On and My Phone's Visibility is Shown to all. Remember what is in My Bluetooth Name - or edit it to one of your choice - this is what your 7610 will be seen as by other Bluetooth TM devices.
4. Right Click on the Bluetooth Icon in the system tray, on the menu that appears go to Setup and then click on Security.
5. A window appears and all being well the right hand pane will have your 7610 (titled what ever you have entered into the phone's My Bluetooth Name entry). If nothing appears click Refresh and your phone should then appear. Highlight the 7610 and click Execute Pairing.
6. A window will pop up asking for a PassKey. Enter in a numeric only passkey and click OK.
7. On the 7610 a screen pops up asking you to enter a passkey - key in the same number you just typed into the PC.
8. By default any connections from your PC to the 7610 must be manually accepted on the 7610. You have an option to set up a connection from the PC to your 7610 as authorized, this means when you connect from the PC to the phone it won't ask you if it's ok and will connect automatically.
9. To set it as automatic: On the 7610 in the Bluetooth TM Setting Screen, you joystick right to the Paired Devices screen, highlight the Computer you just paired with and press Options, select Set as Authorized and Yes. You will then see a padlock icon beside the paired device - this device will no longer require manual authorization for connections to the 7610.

Now you should set My phone's visibility to Hidden - so that unknown devices searching won't see your phone. You can still be connected to by any paired devices. Remember to switch it to Visible if you want to pair with a new device or receive a file / business card from someone with an unpaired device.


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