Office 2010 build 4417 Installation Screenshots

Exclusive Screenshots for WindowsVJ.com readers.I have just been having a look at this new build of office 2010.You need to uninstall your previous version of Office 2010 as well.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9    10

After completing you can as well continue online.There are more screenies to come.


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Users maintaing a weblog/websites of friends can add WindowsVJ.com and If you’re managing any weblogs or websites and willing to links-up with windowsVJ.com send a message.i would be happy to consider that.


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Yahoo Messenger 10 Beta Features


Yahoo's popular instant messenger Yahoo Messenger version 10 Beta is available for download.A lot of changes have been included especially a greatly improved video chat and the social-oriented Yahoo Updates.Also Video call conversation support has been added to this version.Also there are lot of small changes and improvements added like sorting of Contacts according to activity or availability.

Users can choose their language from the sign-in screen with 16 languages available.Although It doesn't supports Hindi as of now but hope to see that in Final Version of YM10.

You can control the types of updates you want to see in Updates Tab.Here you can manage all the updates from a particular user like Twitter updates,Personal Info updates etc.These updates would be popped up immediately on Right side Lower corner of your screen as soon as they are posted.


Few updates from my friends are shown here ,One of then has updated his status on yahoo while other has made a twitter post.These updates popped up immediately.You can notice where they appear .A large number of services are supported, with content coming from blogs, Twitter, Last.fm etc.Changes in your personal Info are also reflected.

 yahooB      yho10

A few good themes has been added as well for Messenger.You can choose from a variety of  themes according to your mood.Checking out contact info has been made much easier now.

y1_thumb2 y2_thumb2 

Video call feature has been integrated into Yahoo Messenger now.Whenever you choose webcam services you are prompted for option of Video call instead of webcam.There is a new “Video Call” button to start 1on1 video call.Video+Audio together would enrich your chatting experience.There are several options for managing the conversations, like swap the video windows,mute conversation, hold conversation, full screen video chat etc, on hold.


Chat window has some i-Candy as well.IMviorments have gone upside together with activities and photos option.

y3_thumb2 y5_thumb2

YM10 sounds pretty good to me.Especially the features i liked were Video Chat with Audio Support.Although this feature is limited especially to YM10 users.

Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta is available for download here.


Try Android OS on your Windows

For all those who want to have a feel of Google Android OS can do so.You can run this Os on your windows using a standalone Android Emulator which is patched to run on a Windows PC as a standalone app without having to download and install the complete Android SDK.According to an article at RedmondPie XDA-Developers forum member xda2_haseeb has managed to extract and run Android Emulator on Windows which comes as a part of Google Android SDK package. Android OS for Mobiles can be tested and run on your windows now without having to download the SDK.Also You can even install Android compatible apps on it. This has been tested on Windows 7 as well.

AndroidEmulatorforWindows4_thumb                                     AndroidEmulatorforWindows1_thumb

Installation instructions for standalone Android Emulator on Windows

1. Download Android Emulator v1.5 for Windows.
2. Extract the contents of the .rar file.
3. Now rename the extracted folder to "Android-Emulator".
4. Download the patched executable files from here.
5. Copy/Paste these patched files into the newly named “Android-Emulator” folder.

Download Android Emulator 1.5 for Windows


Microsoft Office 2010 Leaked Again

A new Beta Build 14.0.4417.1000 of Microsoft Office 2010 has been leaked again. This Build features refreshed icons for all Office applications, slightly modified version of Backstage view, Upload Center (which most probably is for Office Web Apps) and a new logo for Office 2010.As of now no torrents or Links were available on major torrent sites.For downloading them you may have to wait for some more days, although Microsoft does not recommends you to use the leaked builds as they may contain harmful code that may destabilize your computer. Original translated text from this release along with screenshots from WZOR are as follows:

- The office in two versions of x86-64.
- Russian pack for the interface in the two versions of x86-64.
In the corporate beta version 14.0.4417.1000 office suite introduced a new mechanism of activation, now office suite is activated using KMS server.

Office2010Build14_006   Office2010Build14 Office2010Build14_002 Office2010Build14_003 Office2010Build14_004     Office2010Build14_005

Office 2010 Beta Build 14.0.4302.1000 was leaked earlier in July 2009.Microsoft invited testers for a test build via a download link from Microsoft Connect in Mid july as well.For more information for Office 2010 check out our Office 2010 Section.


Windows 7 : Restoring your Computer

Restore Whenever you install application, or software update, you make changes to your System files. Sometimes that change may make your system unstable due to incompatibilities or conflicts amongst files of the newly installed program & older files.The system may also start not responding and you may start getting error messages like “application is not responding.Restart”

In this situation you can use a feature of Windows “System Restore” to restore the original state of your Operating system.Every time you are about to do a major change in your OS  it makes a check point prior to it.These check points are referred to as Restore points in Windows.System Restore which is very similar to an undo command takes your computer to any previous checkpoint and rollback the changes next to that checkpoint.However it does not affect your document files.Here is a Tutorial how to restore your computer in Windows 7.

1.Navigate to here : Start->All programs->Accessories->System tools->System <br>This will bring a screen where you can restore from a recommended restore point or you can choose one from the list.


2.After you choose option 1 you will be taken to next screen where confirmation for restore point is asked.To confirm this restore point press ok.All changes next to this restore point date would be rollbacked.


3.All the programs which would be affected by this restore can be seen by clicking ‘Scan for affected programs.It will scan all the software's that would be affected.You need to reinstall them.


4.A list comes showing all those affected software's after the restore point you chose.These programs will be deleted after Restore.


5.Also you can choose a different option at start and change the recovery point.


6.Choosing the second option will bring a list with all restore points it has.Anyone amongst these restore point can be chosen.


7. A warning message would be pop uped once you have confirmed the restore point.It would tell that there is no undo to the restore point.Although in few cases it may provide an undo.But that's when there are minor change.


8.System restore starts on.


9.Final message before restart of your computer showing Restore point details.


10.Done your System is restored to the Restore point chosen by you.When you open Restore again you can have a undo option for the restore .



Delhi book fair

The 15th Delhi Book Fair will be organized by India Trade Promotion Organization, the apex trade promotion body of Government of India in active cooperation with Federation of Indian Publishers. This fair is an effort to emphasize The never fading appeal of the printed word even in the modern age of computers.This fair would last till 9th Sept 2009 and the venue is very easy to reach (Walking Distance from Pragati Maidan Metro Station,Delhi Metro).

Organized by :
The Federation of Indian Publishers
The India Trade Promotion Organization ( ITPO )
Place : Hall Nos. 8,9,10,11,12 & 12A, Pragati Bhawan, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi-110001
Time : 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Date :
29.08.09 to 06.09.09
Entry : Free
Event Details : 15th Delhi Book and Stationary Fair.
Website : delhibookfair2009.com


Excel 2010 Paste Options

I recently discussed Paste options in Office 2010 which have been upgraded to show a paste preview and it provides different types of pastes with formatting or without.In excel the paste preview has few more options.

paste option_excel

In the screenshot above i have copied a cell and then tried to paste it in some other cell.These are all paste options i had:

Under Paste we have the following pastes available :

  • Paste
  • Formulas
  • Formulas & Number formatting
  • Keep Source formatting
  • No Borders
  • Keep source Column widths
  • Transpose

Under Paste Values we have the following pastes available :

  • Values
  • Values & Number formatting
  • Values & Source formatting

Under Other Paste Options we have the following pastes available :

  • Formatting
  • Paste Link
  • Picture
  • Linked Picture

You can also have a paste preview of any of the above option,just mouse over that option & paste preview would be shown in the excel sheet itself.


Network Access Protection : Secure your Network


Network Access Protection (NAP) is a platform that network administrators can use to help protect the security of a network. When you connect to a corporate network that uses NAP, your computer is checked to make sure that it has the required software and settings, and that the software and settings are up to date. If anything is missing or outdated, your computer can be automatically updated. Your network access might be limited during that time, but usually this process happens quickly, after which full network access is restored. So it checks if the computer you are connecting over network is really safe to connect or not.If any violation to NAP protocols is there such as presence of Virus,Trojans etc over the network computer you are connecting NAP wont allow you to connect.Enabling NAP enhance your security over network and you will be much more safe.

You can see if it is Activated here :  Control Panel >System Security>Action Center>NAP Status On/Off


Win Windows 7 Release Candidate DVD


Here is a chance for all to grab Windows 7 RC DVD.All you have to do is simply register yourself for TechNet Flash,a fortnightly newsletter on the latest updates in IT world.TechNet contains latest in product info,downloads,contests,promotions & all. The first 100 registrants will win Windows 7 RC DVD.Off course you could have it downloaded as well but what's better then getting an OS DVD for free.

Register for TechNet Flash Newsletter


Power to shutdown Internet with Obama

There has been a  U.S. senate bill redrafted to give President Obama the power of control to shut down the Internet in case of emergency situations. US President can stop the Internet services provided by private sector networks in case of any emergency which involves internet related issues.Bill if passed would allow control to temporary disable Internet traffic in private-sectors by US President.

According to Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance, which contains large Internet and telecommunication companies such as Verizon,VeriSign, Nortel and Carnegie Mellon University "A Senate source familiar with the bill compared the president's power to take control of portions of the Internet to what President Bush did when grounding all aircraft on Sept. 11, 2001." He further mentioned “It is unclear what authority Sen. Rockefeller thinks is necessary over the private sector.Unless this is clarified, we cannot properly analyze, let alone support the bill."

This bill if passed can be a sigh of relief for all the sectors whose operations and functions have become purely Internet dependent.In fact most of the government departments and critical places where internet is being user are traffic management,Metro Trains,Power Grids,nuclear Reactors and many more .The bill thus can help protect against cyber threats and attacks on such critical infrastructures.Hackers being too active and interference of techie terrorists this can be a necessary step.

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