Firefox : Fail to Recover Recent tab Error

Its the first time i saw this thing but a good feature in Firefox.Recently i had a windows crash and after that  firefox had some problem recovering from those tabs.Till now browsers did not provide an alternate option but now it provides a page which has “Well this is Embarrassing” text and below 2 options are also provide.

  • Either open a new session
  • Try to recover from the last open tabs.You can restore particular tabs.


Well , you may be confident that Firefox provides you a backup of recent tabs in case of crash in the Recover Tabs .


Job Prospects via Online Social Networking

So tweeting a few tweets every day or scrapping out a lot.Well that may affect your job prospects and increase.Being socially active over internet has more benefits than you can see,and a helpful hand in job prospects is a indirect benefit.

According to an article @ theHindu more number of American employers are turning to such sites before zeroing in on the right candidate for employment

A major chunk of the US employers are banking on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace, to research on a candidate before recruitment, says a survey.

Nearly half of employers surveyed in the US by job portal CareerBuilder showed that 45 per cent of them use social networking sites to research job candidates. Last year, the same stood at just 22 per cent.About 11 per cent are planning to start using social networking sites for screening.Moreover, about 35 per cent of employers reported that they have found content on social networking sites that made them decide not to hire the candidate.

The survey was conducted online within the US by Harris Interactive on behalf of between May 22 and June 10, 2009 among 2,667 hiring managers and human resource professionals.

Going by the findings, Facebook is the most preferred among employers with 29 per cent of the employers using that site for online searches or background checks before recruiting candidates.Besides, 26 per cent of respondents use LinkedIn, 21 per cent surf MySpace, 11 per cent search blogs and 7 per cent follow candidates on Twitter for information.

The industries most likely to screen job seekers via such sites or search engines include IT (63 per cent) and professional and business services (53 per cent).

"Social networking is a great way to make connections with potential job opportunities and promote your personal brand across the Internet," CareerBuilder Vice-President of Human Resources Rosemary Haefner said.

Among those surveyed, 53 per cent respondents said candidates have posted provocative or inappropriate photographs or information, while 44 per cent said that many candidates have posted information about drinking or using drugs.

As per the survey, 35 per cent of respondents found that candidates bad-mouthed their previous employer, co-workers or clients and made them decide not to hire such people.Interestingly, 14 per cent of employers did not hire a candidate because he/she send a message using an emoticon such as a smiley face while 16 per cent decided against recruiting a candidate for using text language such as 'GR8' (great) in an e-mail or job application.

On the other hand, nearly 18 per cent said they found content on such sites that helped them hire a candidate.

So Best of luck for your Tweets & Scraps .May be that can land you up into your dream job.


Rearm Office 2010 : Increase Trial Period

As MS Office 2010 Tech preview is around many users must be feeling to explore more & more.But it comes with an expiry time,so if you haven't activated your Office 2010 you need to do it…or you can use a very wonderful trick that you have done till now with Windows..Yeah its Rearm-ing Office 2010.Here are the steps :

1.Stop the service : Office Software Protection . You can stop it via services.msc or Windows Task Manager.

2.Now execute the file: C:\Windows\System32\OSPPRUN.exe

You will have a prompt just like CMD.

3.Enter these command followed by an enter like shown below, go to next step

I."Initialize” & then press enter

II."Open” & then press enter

III."GetInstalledSkuIds” & then press enter.Now you would get the text displayed like this.

   0. 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a

   1. 26adec89-edf3-4adc-a3fc-c865f1a9f71f


IV.”GetInstalledAppIds 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a”.Now you would get the text displayed like this.

   0. 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663


V.”GetLicensingStatus 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a” &then press enter.Now you would get the text displayed like this.

SkuId            = 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a


dwGraceTime      = 1D 23:37

dwTotalGraceDays = 30 days

hrReason         = 4004F00C

qwExpiration     = 2010/10/31


VI.Now we would set AppID and SkuID for Office 2010 to enable again 30 days before activation. That gives us another 30 days to test. Mostly the IDs are the same,but if they vary due to the test version you are using then copy and use yours ID.You need to type the following on the prompt :

“Rearm 59a52881-a989-479d-af46-f275c6370663 128a057a-7e95-4063-b296-c54c5f3d3f3a”

Now press Enter and you would get OK displayed on prompt.

VII. Type ”Close” & press enter.

Now your office 2010 has been rearmed for 30 more days.

Screenshots to be posted soon….****



Day by day swine flu has been slaughtering many people.As i earlier posted about Swine Flu about the symptoms & prevention from it…to add on there are few more tips using household products that can help you protect from Swine and would increase your immunity as well.

1. Inhale clove oil for 1 second.(Clove is called “Laung” in Hindi)
2. Chew One clove a day.
3. Eat raw Garlic/Onion/Ginger.
4. Drink Hot Milk with 2 gm of Turmeric powder.
5. Consume Plenty of Vitamin C fruits
6. Sprinkle Drops of Eucalyptus (Nilgiri) Oil on your daily use Hand Kerchiefs.
7.Have 2 tablespoon daily of Chywanpraash.

Try these and theywould help you a lot .


Prevent Windows 7 from Automatically Rebooting after Installing Windows Updates


Windows updates force the OS to shut down after they install.This can be troublesome many a times when you dont want to restart your PC because of some work which is ongoing.So here is how to get rid of Reboot of Windows after Windows update Installation.To prevent Rebooting a registry tweak must be done.Here are the steps:

1. Click start Orb
2.Go to Run & type regedit.

3. In regedit, navigate to :
4. In the left pane, right click on Windows, and click on New Key, then type WindowsUpdate


5. In the left pane, right click on WindowsUpdate, and click on New Key, then type AU
6. In the right pane of AU, right click anywhere and select New DWORD 32-bit Value, then type in NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers.
7. Right click NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers & click Modify, then type its value as 1 and press enter.


8. Close regedit.
9. Restart the computer.

Now Windows wont restart once you install updates.


Windows Live Movie Maker Released

Microsoft has released their newest version of Windows Live Movie Maker. This version allows for greater editing of videos including SD,HD support.

WMM1Windows Live Movie Maker allows for direct upload to both YouTube and Facebook with built-in publishing.One of the easiest ways to share your movies with your friends and family is on a DVD—and MovieMaker helps you burn DVDs with just a few clicks.Users are also able to play video on high definition (HD) televisions and save in a variety of standard and high definition resolutions - 480i, 720i, 720p and 1080p. Auto Movie allows users to easily create a video automatically in under one minute using selected images, captions, a title and soundtrack to go along with the slides. Editing is much more faster & easier also audio editing is available.It comes with a new design and the video can be easily shared over web.Photos and videos on your PC can be used to make new movies in a flash.You can Quickly and easily create polished movies from your videos, photos, and music. You add your assets and AutoMovie does the work, including transitions, titles, and music.


Movie Maker requires Windows Vista or Windows 7; not supported on Windows XP.

Download here :


Tomb Raider 9 : Concept Artwork

Now that i have played almost all of Tomb raider series games…(just playing Tomb Raider 7 now) yeah i know its pretty late…but i played TR1 released in 1996 in that ways i am pretty fast now.Completing TRU,TRA,TRL in a months span is really as wonderful as playing TR1 for the first time.So pretty excited about the next release i googled and found there ahs been a survey by Game mfg and some Concept artwork has been leaked . Here are the screenies :


Lara in a new avatar again.This time survival means using whatever tools comes to your end.And a glimpse of new Lara Croft dress as well.Lara is lost on a strange island and is hunted by freaks.

Strange & horrifying monster are there in Lara’s ways.




Tomb Raider reboot will in fact, be a prequel a great origin story , very character-oriented game according to producers.

The Plot - When a sudden storm destroys her research vessel, a young and inexperienced Lara Croft finds herself stranded on a mysterious and remote island hiden of the shores of Japan. Despite several signs of various inhabitants the island is oddly deserted, and an uneasy feeling settles in as strange sounds emerge from the shadows. With only her determination, inner strenght, and resourcefulness to help her, Lara must overcome the challenges of a harsh and unforgiving journey that will take her across a vast island wilderness and deep into the claustrophobic and menacing underground tombs from the island's past. As she struggles to prevail through brutal combat encounters and treacherous exploration, Lara will be pushed to her limits and forced to adapt to her situation in order to survive and escape from the lethal predators that stalk her every move.
Hunt or be hunted - Evade outsmart, track and kill the mysterious enemies that hunt you as prey.
Survival Action - Brutally attack and defend as you fight to survive through visceral one on one melee combat.
Strategic Weapons - Gain an advantage in combat by finding an array of different melee and ranged weapons including a variety of guns and the hunters ultimate weapon, the bow.
Creative Survival - React and adapt to the island by using only that wich you can salvage from the environment like climbing axes, rope, and machetes that can be used to unlock new traversal and combat gameplay options.
Free Movement - Scrale up a vertical cliff wall, sprint and leap across a huge chasm, steer mid air to land a misderected jump there is no one right way to traverse, survive, and explore the harsh enviroment of the island.
One Cohesive World - The diverse multi region island is an open playground alive with creatures, weather and natural events.
Origin Story - This new Tomb Raider concept reboots the franchise by exploring the origins of Lara Croft's transformation into a hardened adventurer as unravel the story behind the island's mysterious past.

Well time would tell if its true but the next gen Tomb raider seems interesting.


Microsoft Answers for Windows Live

Stuck in a problem while working on your windows…or some plug-in is giving you a trouble or you need to set some functionality on or off…

If you are yelling SOS and no one is here then you can get help on Microsoft Answers Windows live site.


Experienced people like MVP’s,Certified people would be there to help you.You can post your problem or querry in the community and these people will try to give you the best solution.Also you too can voluntarily take part and help others in solving their problems.


msans - a


Windows Application Compatibility Mode

Windows Vista onwards Compatibility mode is provided in applications.  Compatibility mode allows a older application compatible for an earlier versions of Windows to possibly run in Windows 7.It runs the program using settings from a previous version of Windows.Changing the compatibility mode solves the problem most of the time which is generally crashing of an application while executing it on a newer Windows.Even If changing the Compatibility settings does not fix the problem,you need to check for an update for that application at the manufacturer's website.
1.Right click on the program's shortcut, Application file, or installation program.
2.Click on Properties.It will show properties of that application with few tabs.cm1
3.Click on the Compatibility tab.
4. To Run a Program in Compatibility Mode you can select compatibility mode for a previous version of Windows.Choose the one this program works well on or the one you believe this program runs well on.
5.Check the Run this program in compatibility mode Check box.
6.Now Click on the drop down menu and select which version of Windows the program was made for.

7.Few more settings can be Changed to make the application more compatible.Checking the checkbox enables that particular setting.These settings are:
Run in 256 colors
Run in 640 × 480 screen resolution
Disable visual themes 
Disable desktop composition 
Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
8. Click OK to apply the changes.


It is recommended that Compatibility mode must not be used with system applications like system drivers or antivirus as that may cause losses & risks to your data.


Windows 7: Jump lists Customization

Windows 7 comes with a very handy feature called Jumplist. This feature shows a list of related tasks & Recent documents of a process or shortcut icon which is in taskbar. You can view & customize it easily.
1. Right click on any icon in the taskbar.
2. It will show a list of related tasks to that application as well, Number of recent applications.

3. If there is a shortcut you wish to see every time you open the Jump list of that application you can pin that as well to Jump list.
Say for Windows Media Player you have recent shortcut of a movie and you wish it to appear permanently then you can pin it to the jump list.


4. You can also customize number of Recent Items in Jump list.
    a. right click on Start Button or taskbar (Super bar) of Windows 7
    b.Click on properties. It will pop up Taskbar & start Menu properties.
    c.Select the tab 'startMenu'.This will bring you Customize & Privacy options.
    d.Select Customize button there.
    e.Select Number of items in Jumplist from 10 to number you wish to.


5. Also you can choose default settings if you wish to undo all the changes you have done.


Windows 7: Start Menu Customization

Start Menu in Windows 7 can be customized according to user’s need. All the items in Start menu can either be set as display link or set as menu. Apart from it there are several more things to configure.
Steps are here:
1. Right click on Start Button or taskbar (Super bar) of Windows 7
2. Click on properties. It will pop up Taskbar & start Menu properties.

3. Select the tab 'Start Menu’. This will bring you Customize & Privacy options.
4. Select Customize button there.

5. You can select the behavior of items in Start Menu. If you want them to behave as link, Menu or Icon.
6. Behaviour of items like my computer, Downloads etc can be set.
7. Also you can choose default settings if you wish to undo all the changes you have done.
8.Click OK to apply the changes.


Gmail : 3rd largest email provider, next to Windows Live & Yahoo

According to ComScore, a marketing research company, Gmail is now the third largest email provider in the United States.Gmail grew a remarkable 46 percent, from 25.3 million to 36.9 million users. Gmail is now on pace to overtake Windows Live Hotmail, at 47.1 million users, in around seven months.Yahoo Mail continues to lead the pack when it comes to U.S. email providers with 106.1 million visitors last month.

via Neowin


List of Windows Operating System Version Number

Here is a list of versions of Windows, since Windows Operating System 1.0. The distinguish of versions rather than OS names are important for developers and the distinguish of Windows structure. The list can also be found on MSDN OSVERSIONINFO Structure

List of Windows Client OS with their Version Numbers

Operating System Version Number
Windows 1.0 1.04
Windows 2.0 2.11
Windows 3.0 3
Windows NT 3.1 3.10.528
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 3.11
Windows NT Workstation 3.5 3.5.807
Windows NT Workstation 3.51 3.51.1057
Windows 95 4.0.950
Windows NT Workstation 4.0 4.0.1381
Windows 98 4.1.1998
Windows 98 Second Edition 4.1.2222
Windows Me 4.90.3000
Windows 2000 Professional 5.0.2195
Windows XP 5.1.2600
Windows Vista 6.0.6000
Windows 7 6.1.7600

Source via MSIGeek


Nilkeni's Dream : UID

Another out of scope Post.Its infact a cool joke.Too good to share.I got that as an email so no real sources can be cited.Hv a good read and Enjoy :

Nandan Nilekani can do it.....Fully integrated ID card system for Indian citizens
Operator : "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut . May I have your..."
Customer: "Heloo, Heloo, can I order.."
Operator : "Can I have your multi purpose ID card number first, Sir?"
Customer: "It's he..., hold...........on......889861356102049998-45-54610"
Operator : "OK... You're... Mr Singh and you're calling from 17 Jal Vayu. Your home number is 22678893, your office 25076666 and your mobile is 09869798888. Today morning you landed in Indiaat IG InternationalAirport.. Welcome back, Sir. Which number are you calling from now Sir?"
Customer: "Home! How did you get all my phone numbers?
Operator : "We are connected to the system Sir"
Customer: "May I order your Seafood Pizza..."
Operator : "That's not a good idea Sir"
Customer: "How come?"
Operator : "According to your medical records, you have high blood pressure and even higher cholesterol level Sir"
Customer: "What?... What do you recommend then?"
Operator : "Try our Low Fat Pizza. You'll like it"
Customer: "How do you know for sure?"
Operator : "You borrowed a book entitled "Popular Dishes" from the National Library last week Sir"
Customer: "OK I give up... Give me three family size ones then, how much will that cost?"
Operator : "That should be enough for your family of 05, Sir. The total is Rs 500.00"
Customer: "Can I pay by! Credit card?"
Operator : "I'm afraid you have to pay us cash, Sir. Your credit card is over the limit and you owe your bank Rs 23,000.75 since October last year. That's not including the late payment charges on your housing loan, Sir.."
Customer: "I guess I have to run to the neighbourhood ATM and withdraw some cash before your guy arrives"
Operator : "You can't Sir. Based on the records, you've reached your daily limit on machine withdrawal today"
Customer: "Never mind just send the pizzas, I'll have the cash ready. How long is it gonna take anyway?"
Operator : "About 45 minutes Sir, but if you can't wait you can always come and collect it on your Nano Car..."
Customer: " What!"
Operator : "According to the details in system ,you own a Nano car,...registration number GZ-05-AB-1107.."
Customer: " ????"
Operator : "Is there anything else Sir?"
Customer: "Nothing... By the way... Aren't you giving me that 3 free bottles of cola as advertised?"
Operator : "We normally would Sir, but based on your records you're also diabetic........ "
Customer: #$$^%&$@$% ^
Operator : "Better watch your language Sir.. Remember on 15th July 2010 you were convicted of using abusive language on a policeman...?"
Customer: [Faints]


Microsoft LifeCam goes 720p : First consumer HD webcam

MS Lifecam is the first consumer webcam to support 720p video at 30fps. That’s the full 1,280x720, unlike some other attempts at so called HD video for some 2 Megapixel webcam’s that only managed 960x720 which isn’t really HD.

Other features include a glass lens, auto focus, 4x digital zoom and a digital, noise-cancelling microphone that is mounted on the top of the camera. Microsoft has also implemented what it calls ClearFrame technology which is meant to deliver smooth, detailed video, although we’re not quite sure what this does.


Microsoft roadshow on Windows 7 in 16 Cities

Microsoft India announced the commencement of a 16 city partner roadshow in its endeavour to get the ecosystem ready for the launch of Windows 7 in October this year. From August to September 2009, Microsoft expects to reach out to over 1800 partners across several cities including Ahmedabad, Cochin, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Lucknow, Pune , Ranchi and the five metros. The roadshows are aimed at equipping the partner ecosystem to effectively roll-out Windows 7 in India and maximize the tremendous business opportunity that the new operating system represents for them.
"We are very excited about the potential of Windows 7 and the combined value we can provide to customers. The roadshows will provide us a good perspective on the opportunities we can leverage with Windows 7 and enable us to maximize the enormous business opportunity it presents", stated Mr. Sudarsan, CEO of Veeras Infotek, a Chennai-based Microsoft partner. To provide a further impetus to their Windows 7 partner program, Microsoft has also announced an exciting new contest called 'Saath ka dum', wherein partners can win upto Rs. 20,000 by rolling out Windows 7 in the country. "This roadshow is a great platform for us to engage with them and provide the resources they need to get ready for Windows 7 roll-out so that together, we can deliver a unique customer experience." said Mr. G. Ramesh, Director- Windows Client, Microsoft India said. "We are optimistic about the long-term business opportunities Windows 7 represents for our ecosystem and are focused on working with our partners to realize this potential," he added.
via Microsoft India Press Release


Identity Theft: Three Men stole 130 Million Credit Card Numbers

A Grand Jury indicted a U.S. man and his two co-conspirators for stealing 130 million bank card numbers in 2007. Albert Gonzales of Miami is charged with hacking and compromising major credit card hubs, including 7-Eleven, Heartland Payment Systems, and Hannaford Brothers.

According to the indictment, the men sold some of the numbers, which were used to make illegal withdrawals from multiple banks. They apparently got around the security of these systems with database injections that helped them intercept credit card transactions in real time

via Identity Theft: Three Men stole 130 Million Credit Card Numbers


Word case costs $40M to Microsoft

In the patent-infringement case against Microsoft Word, a Texas judge fined Microsoft $40 million for trial misconduct after a Microsoft attorney attempted to liken plaintiff i4i's motives for suing the software giant to banks seeking government bailouts.

During the jury trial in May, Judge Leonard Davis warned attorney Matthew Douglas Powers - of the Redwood City, Calif., law firm Weil Gotshal & Manges - that he was misstating the law when he suggested to the jury that i4i was improperly suing Microsoft, not to protect its patent but to just get money.

more @


Windows 7 RC download Ends on 20 Aug 2009

Last Chance for all windows 7 lovers to have a taste of Windows 7 Release Candidate.You can download the RC version till Thursday, August 20th 2009.

Although After that date, you will still be able to register your product and get registration keys but,Win 7 RC will no longer be available for download.

If you have not downloaded the Release Candidate, You can download from here


Free Windows 7 at Microsoft Launch Events (US Only)

Microsoft is hosting free events for Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and Exchange Server 2010 in major cities in US. Attendees will receive a free copy of Windows 7 Professional.The events are starting September 28th, 2009 and will end on November 4th.
You can register them here register
Sure non US - Geeks are missing a treat !!


Twibbon : Add Ribbon to your Twitter Display


LogotypeYou can customize more of your twitter account.There is a website ,twibbon by which you can add small ribbons in your display picture that reflects your interest or represent your community or if you wish to support something you can have them.Say an AIDS Awareness twibbon on World Aids Day.Or, Flag,or Windows logo.

A Twibbon is like a bumper plate sticker for your twitter avatar. It is used to promote a cause on twitter by overlaying an image on your profile picture to show your allegiance to the Twibbon cause.

A Twibbon cause can be anything from a protest, memorial, event or even a popular person or band, for example:

List for all the twibbons :


Vote for Best Windows Website Contest 2009

The Windows Club is organizing its Best Windows Website Contest 2009, to discover and to recognize some of the best Windows bloggers and website owners.

From among the entrants, 10 blogs are short-listed by the Panel and put up for a community vote.
websites (Forum/Blog) which focuses primarily on Microsoft Windows, participated in this Contest. You need to vote the best out of these.The top 10 Finalists are here (in no particular order):

The criteria for voting is short and should be : Does the website have substantial original quality content of interest & use to a Windows 7 & Vista user ?


Get a new Background for your Twitter

Bored of your old Twitter Background?Cant seem to find enuf of those provided by them?

well ere is a, the premier site for Twitter backgrounds.They have one of the largest selection of free Twitter backgrounds.Also you can get a custom Twitter background.Well you have to pay for that.

Check them here : Free Twitter Backgrounds


Microsoft Excel 2010 : Project Gemini

Recently @ DelhiItPro, in a session i talked about Microsoft Excel making use of Project Gemini.

Project Gemini is an Excel 2010 add-in that allows you to create powerful analyses by quickly manipulating millions of rows of data into a single Excel workbook and utilize Microsoft Office 2010 to share and collaborate on your insights with your team.

Project "Gemini": Build powerful analytical applications

Project "Gemini" add-in for Excel 2010 provides business users, such as yourselves, with ground-breaking technology. This includes fast manipulation on very large data sets (often in millions of rows), combine data from multiple data sources, and the ability to effortlessly share your analysis through SharePoint 2010. By using the Gemini add-in, you can gain business insight and make better decisions using Microsoft Office.

You can combine native Excel 2010 functionality with Gemini’s in-memory engine to allow users to interactively explore and perform calculations on large data sets. In addition, you can easily streamline the process of integrating data from multiple sources – including corporate databases, spreadsheets, reports, and data feeds.

Share and collaborate with confidence by easily publishing your analysis to SharePoint 2010 and have other users enjoy the same slicer and fast-query capabilities when working on your Excel Services reports.


Paint.NET v3.5 enhanced for Windows 7

The latest alpha build of Paint.NET v3.5 will now use DirectWrite instead of GDI for the Text tool if you are running Windows 7. DirectWrite is a new font and text rendering system that comes with Windows 7. In Paint.NET, you’ll see the following benefits:

  • Faster text rendering. This is currently due to important architectural differences from GDI. With DirectWrite, I can render using multiple threads (performance scaling), while also not blocking the UI thread from drawing (mutexing). GDI can only render text on 1 thread at a time, and that also includes the thread responsible for the UI. DirectWrite can also benefit from GPU acceleration when things are set up correctly with Direct2D (Paint.NET only uses the software rasterization capabilities right now, but in the future who knows!).
  • Better quality text rendering. DirectWrite implements what is called “y-direction antialiasing”. The short story is that GDI apparently only does antialiasing on the horizontal axis. It can also position characters with sub-pixel accuracy … in other words, GDI uses integers and DirectWrite uses floating point.
Windows 7 Users can Get it here:


H1N1 Influenza A: Symptoms & Precautions

Although I am deviating from scope of my Blog , but I believe since my blog is read by many of my freinds I wish to share Some info regarding H1N1.

Measures to consider, particularly when you are in an area where flu is rampant in the community:
  • Maintain good personal hygiene. Wash your hands frequently. Carry a hand sanitizer for use when soap and water aren't readily available
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid people who seem to be sick.
  • Avoid crowds as much as possible.
  • If you cannot avoid crowds, consider wearing a face mask or a respirator (if you are trained in using a respirator).
  • Monitor your health, and seek medical attention if you feel unwell.

To reduce the spread of flu:

  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a mask or a tissue.
  • Stay at home if you are unwell.
  • Limit your contact with others as much as possible.
  • Contact the Doctor or the Nodal Center nearest to your location, if you or your children develop flu-like symptoms.
  • When you arrive at the hospital, ensure that you tell them that you have recently been in an area that has reported H1N1 influenza.

The symptoms of H1N1 swine flu in people are similar to the symptoms of regular human flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people have reported diarrhoea and vomiting associated with H1N1 swine flu. Severe illness (pneumonia and respiratory failure) and even deaths have been reported with H1N1 swine flu infection. Like seasonal flu, H1N1 swine flu may cause a worsening of underlying chronic diseases.In adults, emergency warning signs that need urgent medical attention include:

  • Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath
  • Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen
  • Sudden dizziness
  • Confusion
  • Severe or persistent vomiting
  • Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough
You can refer these links for more Information :
Most of the information in this part has been provided by Ultimatix@TCS.Also if you are visiting an infected area use N95 Masks.These are 3 tier masks that are much better than 1 tier masks that are avilable @ a cheaper rate in the Market.


Imagine Cup : Finals

Since 2002, the Imagine Cup has been challenging the world's brightest students to step up and make a difference. The 2010 Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals will be held in Warsaw, Poland in summer 2010.
Each year the Finals are held in a different city of the world. Past Worldwide Finals include
  1. Cairo, Egypt (2009)
  2. Paris, France (2008)
  3. Seoul, South Korea (2007)
  4. Delhi, India (2006)
  5. Yokohama, Japan (2005)
  6. Sao Paulo, Brazil (2004)
  7. Barcelona, Spain (2003).
For more details about imagine Cup 2010 : Click here


Infosys,TCS,Airtel : Most Admired companies

According to the survey conducted by Wall Street Journal on Top 200 most admired companies in Asia, Infosys Technologies has been named the most Admired company in India.TCS was ranked number 2 in the overall rankings of the 'most admired companies in India' in the Asia 2000 survey of The Wall Street Journal Asia.Bharti Airtel being the Third. The survey report was published in the 14-16 August 2009 issue of the newspaper.This survey of business readers in Asia has been conducted since 1993 by the Far Eastern Economic Review and this is the third time the survey will be published by The Wall Street Journal Asia.

TCS is the most admired company for innovation, followed by Bharti Airtel and Infosys Technologies.

The ranking has broadly taken 5different aspects into consideration. Financial Reputation,Corporate Reputation, Quality, Innovation, Vision

With the biggest reserves and deposits , SBI takes the top position for Financial Reputation. Reliance Industries, followed by HDFC bank complete the top 3 positions

Infosys Technologies for its exemplary Governance and transparency in corporate dealing comes at top followed by 2 Tata companies, TCS and Tata Steel

Quality of Software deliveries, Infosys takes the top position, followed by L&T and Bharti Airtel.

With visionaries like Narayan Murthy and Nandan Nilekani at the helm, Infosys Technologies had to take the top position when it comes to vision. Tata Steel comes at 2nd followed by Reliance Industries.


Imagine Cup 2010 Poland

After great success of Imagine Cup 2009 : Egypt , Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2010 which is a global student technology competition would be focused on finding solutions to real-world issues.For 2009 Imagine Cup Last year, over 300,000 students from 142 countries/regions registered .
The 2010 Imagine Cup competition encourages the world's most talented software designers, programmers, game developers, and digital media enthusiasts to tackle, head on, issues related to the 2010 theme: “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.” Whether it is providing solutions related to hunger relief, poverty, education, disease control, healthcare, or the environment - this is your chance to make a difference in our world today.So the focus would be on how IT can be used to challenge the real world problems.The 2010 Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals will be held in Warsaw, Poland in summer 2010.
Sign up for one of the 3 main competitions: Software Design, Game Design (both are open now for you to sign-up) or Digital Media (open for sign-up by Sept 1, 2009) and contribute your talents to solving some of the toughest problems.
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Make Ofice Better
A website where you can share your views and ideas about how can you make your office better.
It is started by 2 MS employees but it aint an official MS website.According to Steve & Luke
"Hi! We're two Microsoft employees looking to collect customer ideas on how to improve Microsoft Office. If you've got a new feature idea or an idea on how to improve Microsoft Office, please share it here...and vote on other ideas you agree with. Through the magic of crowd-sourcing the best ideas should rise to the top.

Although we are employed by Microsoft, this is not an official Microsoft website. You should not expect an official response from Microsoft by posting an idea here, but we'll do our best to get the ideas posted here in front of the right people within the Office development team."

Add your idea


No Windows 7's XP Mode for Sony Laptop Users

Sony has disabled hardware virtualization in their laptop range, thus rendering Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, and many other Virtual Machine Based products, such as VMware and Virtualbox pretty much useless.

Sony claims that they are disabled for "security" reasons - which doesn't really seem to make any sense; Sony has also said that they will re-enable hardware virtualization on "select" laptops from the Vaio range. XP Mode isn't really a hugely adopted feature, but it's pretty upsetting for Sony users who had intended to use it, or wanted to use virtualization on their machines.

more @ Sony laptops disable Windows 7's XP Mode


Microsoft Office 2010 : New Features in other Products

Microsoft believes Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint as the core of Microsoft's Office suite, there are of course a number of other Office applications, and they're all being updated in Office 2010.Here are the changes to other Office Applications:
  • OneNote 2010 adds simple screenshot functionality, new Side Notes and Linked Notes, ribbon UI.
  • Access 2010 Excel-like Expression Builder for creating code with plain English, more web-savvy, web-specific databases
  • InfoPath 2010 InfoPath Filer for forms-specific functionality, & better data validation.
  • Publisher 2010 new picture manipulation and typography tools
  • SharePoint Workspace 2010 Groove of 2007, synchronization functionality so that you can access SharePoint data directly from your PC.


Microsoft Power Point 2010 : New Features

Few new features that have been embedded in Powerpoint 2010 are :
  • Better transitions and animations : cinematic , transitions(fade, wipe, blinds),Animation capability improved, copy animation by Animation painter.
  • Broadcast Slide Show : remotely broadcast ppt via web. Requires SharePoint server browser to view. Even on Smartphone. You invite users on net via email with the link to click & launch
  • Video editing : embed video clips in ppt, edit, compress w/o external app.Two ribbon tab : Video Tools Format (brightness contrast color, borders) & Edit (trim, playback configurations)
  • Equation Editor : Just like Excel


Microsoft Excel 2010 : New Features

Features new to Microsoft Excel 2010 :
  • 64-bit support : Over 4 GB Spreadsheet can be created.
  • Spark lines : Support for charts extended . Tiny charts that appear in a single cell. Visual way to represent numbers.
  • Slicers : deliver Visualizations, add visual filtering elements to tables. Visually filter data in pivot table & quickly extract the required data. Live so data updates.
  • Project Gemini : Excel takes advantage of its add-in to perform in-memory analytics of database based data sets.
  • Improved conditional formatting tools
  • Part of Office Web Applications : that would be used in Cloud Computing
  • Windows Mobile-based application: Microsoft Excel 2010 Mobile

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