Customize Gmail looks and feel

Google Redesigned is a Mozilla Firefox extension designed by Globex Designs that aims to fully redesign the look and feel of popular Google services. They achieved this with Cascading StyleSheet (CSS) files which are loaded on the client’s browser. The extension simplifies the use of these styles by providing auto-updates, easy management and notifications of changes.

A little Introduction

About Google Redesigned

Google Redesigned originally started as a single CSS file which tried to redesign Google’s Gmail service. It has since grown to incorporate other various Google services and pages. Previously users of these styles would have to rely on other extensions such as Stylish, Greasemonkey or Web Developer to load these styles onto their browser which caused problems with updates, bug submission and version tracking. The Google Redesigned extension aims to solve all those problems by offering the popular Globex Designs styles in a single, self-updating extension.

Below are the screenshots

Gmail Redesigned Gmail Redesigned

Read here and download the required files. from here


The New Internet Games in Windows 7

If you’re running the Windows 7 Beta you might have already noticed 3 new Windows Games for Windows 7.

Internet Backgammon:

Internet Checkers:

Internet Spades:

These games were well liked in Windows XP. Due to the amount of requests we received, we are bringing them back!

The new versions of these games have been completely redesigned and improved over their old-school predecessors. With each game, you can:

  • Play online against human opponents (up to 4 players at the same time with Internet Spades).
  • Select from 3 skill levels to be matched with similarly skilled players from all around the world.
  • If your opponent drops out, a computer opponent takes over to finish the game.
  • Choose from cool different backgrounds and piece/card designs.

Source- Windows Team Blog


MSDN Magazine Resource & download links

You can view all magazines online at

MSDN Magazine: Find Issues By Year

Also you can download them(.chm files) at

MSDN Magazine HTML Help Files

Thanks to Qiweiye (MSDN blog)


Shake Windows off Your Desktop

This is a simple, but cool new feature. If you have too much clutter on your desktop and want to minimize everything but the application you’re working in, you can “shake” all the other Windows off your desktop. Shake simply minimizes all the windows leaving only the top window available.
To clear the desktop:
1. Left click and hold on the Title Bar of the window you only want to show on the desktop.
2. Shake the window a bit by quickly dragging it left and right.
3. When the desktop clears, drop.
To restore the desktop:
1. Left click and hold on the Title Bar of the same window.
2. Shake the window a bit by quickly dragging it left and right.
3. When the minimized windows return to the desktop, drop (release the left click) the window

Encrypt Removable USB Drives with BitLocker To Go on Windows 7

Windows 7 BitLocker has been enhanced to provide a better experience for end users. Without having to navigate the Control Panel or configure any difficult settings, users can easily protect USB removable storage devices.
The option is available by simply right-clicking on a drive in Windows Explorer to enable BitLocker protection. With BitLocker To Go, you can encrypt removable storage devices, such USB flash drives. All you need to do is right-click on the drive you want to protect, select the “Turn on BitLocker” menu option, and follow the basic wizard.

Tip provided by Jason Leznek, a Group Product Manager at Microsoft.


Enabling Multi-Touch in the Windows 7 Beta

Now that the Windows 7 Beta has been out for a while, I’d like to highlight how folks can try out Windows Touch, Windows 7’s new multi-touch capabilities.In order to take advantage of it, you are going to need a PC that supports multiple touch points. Today – there are a few PCs on the market to choose from:

  • HP TouchSmart All-in-One PCs (IQ500 series & IQ800 series)
  • HP TouchSmart tx2 Tablet PC
  • Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC

To enable multi-touch capabilities on these PCs running the Windows 7 Beta you will need to make sure you have the latest multi-touch beta drivers. The driver allows the digitizer screen to support multiple touch points. Remember these are beta drivers, they still need to pass through our rigorous Windows Logo process before they are final, we can’t guarantee that all pre-Windows 7 PCs will have logoed drivers.

  • For HP TouchSmart All-in-One PCs: The driver is available from Windows Update. After you have installed the Window 7 Beta, open Windows Update from the Start menu. You might have to click the “Check for Updates” link on your left so it will find the driver, it is Optional right now so you’ll have to select it before it will install.
  • For the Dell Latitude XT and HP TouchSmart tx2 Tablet PCs: the drivers are available now on N-Trig’s website. N-Trig is the company that makes the digitizer in these PCs (you should read the release notes, there are some limitations, like no pen support you should be aware of and how to switch between Windows Vista and Windows 7). Please also note these are beta drivers and are not supported by Dell or HP

Continue Reading...


Use a USB Key to Install Windows 7—Even on a Netbook

Putting the Windows 7 installation on a USB thumb drive has a few advantages—a small USB key is much more convenient for carrying around than a DVD, the OS will actually install much faster, and you can use a USB key to install Windows 7 on systems that do not have a DVD drive, such as a netbook. In fact, you can even install Windows 7 on netbooks that have fairly modest hardware. Dennis Chung, an IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft recently posted a video demonstrating how easy it is to prepare your thumb drive and use it to install Windows 7. Here’s a quick look at the process:

  • First, you’ll need the DiskPart utility on the system you will use to prep the thumb drive. This is a free disk partitioning utility that is likely already installed on your Windows system. If not, you can download DiskPart here.
  • Launch the DiskPart utility by typing diskpart at the Start Menu.
  • Then run the list disk command to check the status of your drive.
    Dennis Chung, an IT Pro Evangelist at Microsoft, demonstrates how easy it is to prepare a USB thumb drive and use it to install Windows 7.
  • Now run select disk 1 where the "1" is actually the corresponding number of your USB drive.
  • Run clean.
  • Once the thumb drive is clean, you can run create partition primary.
  • Now make the partition active by entering active
  • Then you need to set up the file system as Fat32 by running format fs=fat32 quick (quick, of course, specifies that you want to perform a quick format to speed up the process).
  • Entering the assign command gives the USB drive a drive letter, making it easy to access from Windows Explorer
  • Then you can copy everything from the Windows 7 installation DVD onto the USB key (a simple drag and drop will do).
  • Now you can insert the thumb drive into the system you want to install Windows 7 onto and boot the system. The installation will now proceed as usual—but faster.


Multiple Login in Google Talk

One can login simultaneously to more than one account. Unlike yahoo multiple login no need of registry editing here.

Follow these simple steps.........

* Create a shortcut of your Google talk.

* Right click the shortcut ----> choose Properties.

* In the "Target" you will find this "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe"

* Now at the end of target add this "/nomutex" without the quotes. It should be like this "C:\Program Files\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex There is a space after googletalk.exe"

Thats it .Click OK and you can open more than one Google talk.


Fwd mails from gmail to another email account automatically

How do I forward my mail to another email account automatically?

Here's how to forward messages automatically:
  1. Sign in to Gmail.
  2. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, and open the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  3. Enter the email address to which you'd like your messages forwarded.
  4. Select the action you'd like your messages to take from the drop-down menu. You can choose to keep Gmail's copy of the message in your inbox, or you can send it automatically to All Mail or Trash.
  5. Click Save Changes.

You also can set up filters to forward messages that meet specific criteria. You can create 20 filters that forward to other addresses. You can maximize your filtered forwarding by combining filters that send to the same address.

For Yahoo Users:--

we have not a very good news.You have 2 spend almoist 20 $ that is 1000 INR approx to get this service enabled.Here is what Yahoo says:-

Email forwarding sends your email to another address that you provide. Instead of your mail going into your Yahoo! Inbox, it's forwarded to the other account's inbox so you can check it there. While forwarding is "on," you won't get any mail in your Yahoo! account.

With Mail Plus, you can:

  • Automatically forward your Yahoo! Mail to another email account—even another Yahoo! address.
  • Use Outlook, Eudora, or another POP3 client to access and manage your Yahoo! Mail, or…
  • Use your Yahoo! account to check and send mail from those accounts.
Will keep you all updated if i find anotherway to forward Yahoo mails


Windows 7 Hack: Enable or Disable or Move Quick Launch Bar

Enable Quick Launch Bar

1. Right click on Windows 7 Taskbar, and point to Toolbars context menu item, and then select New Toolbar.

2. Just copy and paste this code in the address bar

%SystemDrive%\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\

3. Locate and highlight the Quick Launch folder, and then click on Select Folder button.

A Quick Launch Toolbar will be added to Windows Taskbar close to notification area. Unlock the Taskbar (right click on Taskbar and uncheck Lock the taskbar) to move the Quick Launch Toolbar.

Move Quick Launch Button

Suppose you want to move the quick launch button to the left of the taskbar.

1. Unpin all application programs from the Superbar by right click on each and every icons, then select Unpin this program from taskbar.

2. Move the both borders of Quick Launch Toolbar to the furthest left, and then re-pin. And you are done.

[Optionally, as you know, you can right click on empty space inside Quick Launch Toolbar area, and unselect Show Title to remove the Quick Launch wording, or uncheck Show Text to remove the label next to the shortcuts and icons in Quick Launch bar]

Disable Quick Launch Bar

Its very simple.

  • Right click on Taskbar
  • Go to Toolbars
  • ncheck Quick Launch menu item.


20 Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

From Desktop

  1. Windows Key + Tab = Aero [press Tab to cycle between Windows]
  2. Windows Key + E = Windows Explorer is launched.
  3. Windows Key + R = Run Command is launched.
  4. Windows Key + F = Search (which is there in previous Windows versions too)
  5. Windows Key + X = Mobility Center
  6. Windows Key + L = Lock Computer (It is there from the earlier versions as well)
  7. Windows Key + U = Ease of Access
  8. Windows Key + P = Projector
  9. Windows Key + T = Cycle Super Taskbar Items
  10. Windows Key + S = OneNote Screen Clipping Tool [requires OneNote]
  11. Windows Key + M = Minimize All Windows
  12. Windows Key + D = Show/Hide Desktop
  13. Windows Key + Up = Maximize Current Window
  14. Windows Key + Down = Restore Down / Minimize Current Windows
  15. Windows Key + Left = Tile Current Window to the Left
  16. Windows Key + Right = Tile Current Windows to the Right
    [Continue pressing the Left and Right keys to rotate the window as well]
  17. Windows Key + # = Quicklaunch
  18. Windows Key + = = Magnifier

From Windows Explorer

19. Alt + Up = Go up one level
20. Alt + Left/ Right = Back/ Forward


Windows 7 Tool: Problem Steps Recorder

One of the most troublesome issues of troubleshooting is to find out exactly how it happened and for what. Obviously, some processes are non-recoverable. For them you can not repeat the process and risk another hardware just because a troubleshooter wasn't able to understand where did it err. So what do you do depict the error ditto to original. Here is a wonderful tool for Windows 7. A feature new to Windows 7, called Problem Steps Recorder looks to be the missing tool for documenting where it all goes wrong.

The tool is just an advanced version of the screen capture software but with other in- depth functionalities. Think of it as an automated Print Screen plus a little monkey in the background documenting all the mouse clicks, key strokes and gathers some technical reading material, who then ties up everything in a neat box and saves the results. The neat little box you get is a zipped MHTML report page which can be sent off directly to the help desk.

Try it. Prevention is always better than cure. But when its about Windows, you know that cure is the only way to go. So let's strengthen it.

How To Get Started

  • Go to Start Menu -> Run.
  • type and select psr.exe and ENTER.


Short Movie About Computer Hacking

Here is a short informative movie about preventing hacking and protecting your computer from Sunrise, a broadband provider from Switzerland.

It talks about firewalls, IP address blocking, spamming, trojans etc. in a easy to understand format.

It can be a refreshing reminder for experienced and a good starting point for new users.

Check it out.


Disable Autoplay of USB Drives and CDs in Windows Vista/ Windows 7

  • Type gpedit.msc in the Start Search box (or Start -> Run if you are using Windows XP), and then press ENTER to open the Group Policy Editor.
  • Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components > click Autoplay Policies.
  • In the RHS Details pane, double-click Turn off Autoplay to open the Properties box.
  • Click Enabled, and then select All drives in the Turn off Autoplay on box to disable Autorun on all drives.
  • Restart.


Disable or Remove ‘Send Feedback’ Button in Windows 7

In Windows 7 beta version, there is a send feedback button on the right side of the title bar on each and every window opened on desktop. Well there are two reasons for which one can feel bothered.

1. There are so many times you can accidentally click on that button and then every damn internet options will try and start themselves as if you have done a terrible mistake.

2. Even if you try and send feedback, believe me nothing will happen unless your issue is the commonest one

So why don't we get rid of that service which either annoys or remains inactive when needed?

Here is how to hack it

  1. Go to Run
  2. Type regedit (Registry Editor), press ENTER.
  3. Now navigate to the following registry key:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop
  4. Add in a new DWORD (32-bit) Value named FeedbackToolEnabled, and then set its value data as 0.
  5. Log on again for the change to take effect.


Windows 7 Hack: Get Rid of Expiry Date, Disable ‘Send Feedback’ Button and Remove Watermark - 3 in 1 Patch

The first big patch for Windows 7 is out. Those who are using The Windows 7 Beta version, must be aware of the expiration date of 1st July. Here is this patch which not only will get rid of that 6 months of expiration warning to give you a better and unlimited use of Windows 7, but also will help you to disable send feedback button and also watermark from Windows 7 desktop! Isn't it wow.


  • Remove Watermark from Windows 7 beta 1 Desktop
  • Remove Send Feedback link
  • Uninstall TimerNuke (Remove Time based Windows 7 Expiry)
  • Install TimerNuke .

Follow the same order and you will get all problems sorted out within seconds. Rock your Windows 7.



  1. You have to be logged in as administrator to do this.
  2. This is for Windows 7 beta 1 build 7000 Edition and for 32 bit Windows version only.

[P.S. -> We do not take any responsibility or credit to offer you this service. This is purely for experimental basis]


Intel to show 8-core Xeon on February

Intel will give its first public look at an 8-core Xeon processor in less than two weeks at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, the show's schedule (PDF) reveals.

The unnamed chip will double the core count of existing Xeons and is based on the same 45 nanometer manufacturing process and Nehalem architecture that underpins the Core i7. The shift adds Hyperthreading and will let even a single-socket Xeon processor theoretically address as many as 16 simultaneous program threads at once by putting two threads on each core.

No other details are directly revealed, though Nehalem brings with it the newer point-to-point QuickPath technology that eliminates the need for a dedicated system bus between the processor and peripherals.

source: electronista.com


Turn on Sidebar with UAC disabled in Windows 7

If you have Windows 7 Beta installed with UAC disabled you might run into problems while trying to load gadgets onto your desktop.You can enable the UAC in order to use Sidebar.But if you don't wanna turn on that nagging UAC and still love those tiny useful gadgets you can bring them aboard by following these steps:

* Click on Start button, type regedit in the search box and hit enter.
* In regedit, go to :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Sidebar\Settings

* In the right pane,right-click and select DWORD Value from the New menu.
* Rename the DWORD Value to AllowElevatedProcess. Double-click on it and type 1 in the Value data field.


* Close Registry Editor and try to load the gadgets.They should work.

Thanks Chris for finding the registry


Windows 7 Antivirus Testing Results

The global moderator at Help My Operating System has just posted testing results, after reviewing Antivirus software. In his review he noted PASSED or FAILED in the results next to several Antivirus products that were tested.

The results are here

  • AVG PASSED Both Antivirus and Antispyware tests Wink
  • avast! PASSED Cool
  • Avira Antivir PASSED Very Happy
  • McAfee FAILED No
  • Microsoft Windows Live OneCare FAILED pale
  • ESET Nod32 PASSED Razz
  • Norton Antivirus PASSED Surprised


Ultimate Windows Tweaker 1.1 Beta is out there

Ultimate Windows Tweaker v1.1 Beta is available for download. Its just to address any possible pending x64 issues, but its more stable than its earlier version (v1.0b). Its final v1.1 may out soon within a week.

It has been developed by one of our friendRamesh Kumar who is also a Microsoft MVP.This app has been highly appreciated all over the tech-globe.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker From WinVistaClub

The utility has a simple easy-to-use user interface, with the tweaks being classified in separate heads based of their functionality. Most tweaks are hidden inside Vista, and what this tweaker does is to try and put the useful one's in one place. It has over 130 tweaks, but is yet, just a 380 KB .exe file, which does not require an install.

Now the coolest things is that 5 FREE ESET Security Suite 6-Months licenses are being offered for first 5 valid bugs by WinVistaClub.

So give this opportunity to yourself and get FREE ESET Security Suite 6-months license. :)



10 Coolest USB Accessories

1.USB Beverage Cooler

2.USB Missile Launcher

3.USB Pole Dancer

4.USB Desk Vacuum

5.USB Microscope

6.USB Airplane Fan

7.Star Wars Lightsaber USB Lamp

8.USB Plasma Ball

9.Darth Vader USB 4-port Hub

10.USB Portable Chess


The Vitrue 100 - Top Social Brands of 2008

The Vitrue 100 help bring credibility and clarity to this emerging space. The Vitrue 100 helps define who is winning, who could be doing better and provides the industry with overall trends.

The Vitrue 100 is the result of Vitrue’s daily analysis of over 2,000 popular brands.

Each day, Vitrue analyzes the online conversations on a variety of social networking,blogging, microblogging, photo and video sharing sites.

The Vitrue 100 of 2008
  1. iPhone
  2. CNN
  3. Apple
  4. Disney
  5. Xbox
  6. Starbucks
  7. iPod
  8. MTV
  9. Sony
  10. Dell
  11. Microsoft
  12. Ford
  13. Nintendo
  14. Target
  15. PlayStation
The top 15 are shown here.For the full list of all 100 products check out the link Link: View full list here


Wikianswers launched

Image:WA logo an8.png

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikia and Wikipedia, has launched a new Q&A site, named Wikianswers.

WikiAnswers is a wiki website that is run as an online question and answer (Q&A) community that aims to offer answers to popular questions. Replies to questions are contributed by a registered community that collaborates to add, edit and improve answers, with the goal of creating one Q&A database for all to use. Previously known as FAQ Farm it was acquired by Answers Corporation in November 2006 and became the user-generated content (UGC) component of Answers.com. WikiAnswers is based on a customized version of MediaWiki called "Wiki FAQs"

Members of WikiAnswers add questions to topics (within categories) and may also answer questions. These are known as 'contributions'. People who provide more accurate answers and better questions are eligible for "trust points" from the other users of WikiAnswers. However, assessment of accuracy is by the community, rather than specific experts, or Supervisors. Attaining certain numbers of contributions or trust points earns recognition "awards" in the form of personal-page emblems (e.g. 5000 contributions is a Silver Level display emblem).

The Supervisors, who are volunteers, are assigned either to specific topics or to the site as a whole. They work to insure that questions are assigned to the correct topics, to improve grammar and spelling on questions and answers, and to reduce spam, nonsense, and vandalism.

WikiAnswers is an ad-supported website. It's accuracy and authoritativeness varies greatly but has been generally assessed to be somewhere between Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers


Windows Vista SP 2 Release Schedule

TechARP has published the updated release schedule.
According to TechARP, the final RC build is now expected to happen on Feb 16th and the final release is expected to happen around April or May.


Windows Vista SP2 RC- build released to testers

Windows Vista SP2 RC- build released to testers

Ars Technica that Microsoft has sent out the RC-Escrow build of SP2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 to testers. An email has been sent to SP2 testers regarding this release. The RC-Escrow build is available for download from this Thursday as a standalone installer or via Windows Update or as a slipstreamed download. Microsoft claims that the service pack includes 656 individual hotfixes.

The Escrow Build is a build where development halts and developers & beta testers start testing the product for any show-stopper bugs. Microsoft has emphasized this to testers to concentrate only on the regressions and confirmation of fixes when asking for feedback which includes the RC Escrow install survey.

Public beta of SP2 was released in dec 2008 and Vista SP2 RC Escrow Build was rumored to be released in February and the final release was expected to happen in May or June.

According to TechARP, the final RC build is now expected to happen on Feb 16th and the final release is expected to happen around April or May.


Apple teams up with Adobe for iPhone Flash at long last

With Android getting all Flash-ey, Apple's "Goldilocks" position on Flash -- the full Flash player is too hefty, Flash Lite is too weak -- seemed pretty untenable. Now Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has revealed that Apple and Adobe are "collaborating" on making Flash a reality on the iPhone, citing the technical challenge it presents. What's clear is that with all this work to do, it doesn't seem they're going the watered-down Flash Lite route, but we're trying not to hold our breath for a full-on, Hulu-friendly version that will finally help us get that Doogie Howser fix on the go. Naturally, there's no word on when this will hit.


WiFi Rail finalizes 20 year deal to bring internet to BART trains

Nearly a year to the day after we heard that WiFi trials were beginning on some of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit trains, WiFi Rail has announced a deal that'll last a score and provide high-speed WiFi "throughout the BART transit system and on all BART commuter trains." Reportedly, the network has successfully been tested to handle loads and provide speeds in excess of 15Mbps on trains moving 81 miles-per-hour. As it stands, four downtown San Francisco stations and some segments of the tunnels are already fully functional, but it'll take until the end of 2010 before the entire network is complete. There's no mention of what the price table will end up looking like, though we are told that subscriptions will be available by day, month or year. Now, if only this would filter out to every other mass transit entity in America, we'd be just jolly.

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