How to Change Boot Menu in Vista

Changing the boot menu options in Windows Xp were fairly easy.
All you need to do is to right click onto MyComputer Properties and explore your way their into Boot Menu.
But its not fairly easy in the Windows Vista.
To change the Boot options in Windows Vista You need to:-
1.Open BCD(Boot Configuration Data)
2.To do that open command (Run with Admin Mode) and type bcdedit will show you all the options and attributes Making Changes to the Boot Configuration Data 4.First we know the syntax is bcdedit /command [/param]
5. to see all available commands type bcdedit /? or bcdedit /help
6.Now the place where we have "earlier version of windows " written we can chnage it by the command with syntax bcdedit /set "{ntldr}" description "MS Windows XP"
7.To change the default Boot Partition to XP bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" default "{ntldr}"
8.Now to change it back to Vista..bcdedit /set "{bootmgr}" default "{current}"

Current is a default name for the Microsoft Windows Vista partition…
ntldr is Xp Partition
For more changes Tweak into the help of bcdedit...and make Sure to take a back up before you play with this.


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