windows 7 : file Transfer Modes of Transfer

Windows Easy Transfer provides a number of ways for you to connect two computers to transfer your data. These include:

  • Easy Transfer Cable. This is a special USB cable that is designed to work with Windows Vista and Windows Easy Transfer. You can purchase this cable from selected computer manufacturers and retailers. You install a small piece of software on your Windows XP computer and then plug the cable into both computers. Windows Easy Transfer launches automatically and guides you through the transfer process. This is the easiest and fastest method and is recommended if you don't have a network. This solution is supported on Windows XP-based and Windows Vista-based computers.

  • Home or small business network. If you already have a wired or wireless network, this is a great way to transfer all of your data.

  • Removable hard disk. If you own a removable hard disk, Windows Easy Transfer can copy your data to that disk and then copy data from that disk to your new computer.

  • CD and DVD. Windows Easy Transfer can use a computer's CD or DVD burner to transfer user data. This is a great solution if you are moving only a small amount of data that can fit onto one disc.


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