Windows 7 promises better performance with NAND SSDs

Windows 7 promises better performance with NAND SSDs

Microsoft's plans for improving performance of SSD drives in Windows 7 are starting to emerge concrete with some solutions.

Manufacturers like Seagate or Sandisk are working to finish their cut of the work as much as possible, and Microsoft is trying to make the Windows 7 fit as best as it can to the new storage technology. Microsoft stated that they are working with SSD manufacturers like Intel, Seagate, Sandisk and Samsung.

In an interview with Siobhan M. Lyons, from Seagate Consumer Solution division, that was confirmed.

As stated in the interview, there is very little chance that SSDs and HDDs can share the same solutions in the future, because they are completely different technology. Solutions that suit one, do not work that well on the other. For example, the NAND SSDs do not have requirements for a defrag option, but with that option on, the lifetime of an SSD is reduced. The lifetime of a SSD depends on the maximum number of reads and writes, so a defrag can only shorten the lifetime.

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