Wikianswers launched

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Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikia and Wikipedia, has launched a new Q&A site, named Wikianswers.

WikiAnswers is a wiki website that is run as an online question and answer (Q&A) community that aims to offer answers to popular questions. Replies to questions are contributed by a registered community that collaborates to add, edit and improve answers, with the goal of creating one Q&A database for all to use. Previously known as FAQ Farm it was acquired by Answers Corporation in November 2006 and became the user-generated content (UGC) component of WikiAnswers is based on a customized version of MediaWiki called "Wiki FAQs"

Members of WikiAnswers add questions to topics (within categories) and may also answer questions. These are known as 'contributions'. People who provide more accurate answers and better questions are eligible for "trust points" from the other users of WikiAnswers. However, assessment of accuracy is by the community, rather than specific experts, or Supervisors. Attaining certain numbers of contributions or trust points earns recognition "awards" in the form of personal-page emblems (e.g. 5000 contributions is a Silver Level display emblem).

The Supervisors, who are volunteers, are assigned either to specific topics or to the site as a whole. They work to insure that questions are assigned to the correct topics, to improve grammar and spelling on questions and answers, and to reduce spam, nonsense, and vandalism.

WikiAnswers is an ad-supported website. It's accuracy and authoritativeness varies greatly but has been generally assessed to be somewhere between Wikipedia and Yahoo Answers


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