Windows 7 Hack: Get Rid of Expiry Date, Disable ‘Send Feedback’ Button and Remove Watermark - 3 in 1 Patch

The first big patch for Windows 7 is out. Those who are using The Windows 7 Beta version, must be aware of the expiration date of 1st July. Here is this patch which not only will get rid of that 6 months of expiration warning to give you a better and unlimited use of Windows 7, but also will help you to disable send feedback button and also watermark from Windows 7 desktop! Isn't it wow.


  • Remove Watermark from Windows 7 beta 1 Desktop
  • Remove Send Feedback link
  • Uninstall TimerNuke (Remove Time based Windows 7 Expiry)
  • Install TimerNuke .

Follow the same order and you will get all problems sorted out within seconds. Rock your Windows 7.



  1. You have to be logged in as administrator to do this.
  2. This is for Windows 7 beta 1 build 7000 Edition and for 32 bit Windows version only.

[P.S. -> We do not take any responsibility or credit to offer you this service. This is purely for experimental basis]


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