Microsoft BlueTooth File Transfer Wizard

FSQUIRT.EXE Application/Process Description
Below is a basic description of FSQUIRT.EXE. This application is safe to have on your computer.

Summary of FSQUIRT.EXE
Microsoft BlueTooth File Transfer Wizard

Description of FSQUIRT.EXE
Microsoft BlueTooth File Transfer Wizard appeared in the XPSP2 beta and can be accessed from the Start Menu->All Programs->Accessories->Communications->Blue Tooth File Transfer Wizard menu.

Hidden blue tooth software in win. XP and vista
Now you don't need 2 install any software for ur blutooth device.
you don't know but u already had it in ur window xp nd vista
it can b used as:- d run command type 'fsquirt' without quotes '' just select weder u want 2 send or receive any file very easy ......


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