Windows 7 Day @ Microsoft,Gurgaon 18th April 2009

Hi friends

as you all know on Saturday, 18th v had Windows 7 Day concurrently @ Delhi,Pune,Mumbai..n few more places.

I was one of the attendee.The venue for the Delhi was @ Microsoft India office ,Gurgaon.

Event began with welcome note @ 10.but i was there @ 10 30.thats the time @ wich the actual event need 2 b start.

Ranjhana briefed all of us about Delhi IT Pros and what is the agenda of the community.Reshu mehra 7 Madhur who is a MVP were along with Ranjhana.

there were around 18-20 member expectancy but they turned out to be arnd 30.and that was not expected that so much greatt response would be there to the event.

During the event Ranjhana talked about key features of windows 7 like UAC,Bit Lock encryption.

One thing which i came 2 knew about bitlocker was that starting from windows 7 it supports encryption for USB Drive as well.

also i dint knew about TPM a chip that is nowadayz embedded with motherboard for Storing encryption Keys.Then after a short break we were given some time for lunch as there was no provision for lunch there @ that day.

Being a localide i knew d best place around was Food court at Ground floor next to Microsoft Building.

After lunch we had some click shots as well at MS office.there was a gallery with all the awards MS has got including digit 01 awards as well.

there i met one of the latest MVP Raghav for .he became MVP on 1st April 2009 and the confidence of being one is not 2 b missed.

after having a chat with him its time for us to join the session again.

the lunch break was utilized by many of us to power up their laptops with Windows 7 Beta.

Post Lunch Session there was a surprise and that was MVP Lead Abhishek Kant who joined the trio of Madhur Ranjhana & Reshu .

Abhishek first of all told us guys what a MVP is why we should be MVP and how can we be one.he showed some of MVPs on the Microsoft website as well.

then v discussed what is a community and what all types of community can be there...
we listed
Rich media
user Groups
Social Groups
& few more.

We as well discussed few popular communities like msdn blogs..and i was the one who cracked the name of our forum "MeraWindows".
While discussing one of our friend Nirmal got stuck on "How does this Follow me came on Blog" and it was informative as well as funny the way he asked.Infact abhsihek once asked "i think v shud have another bloggers session too..."

Amongst the audience i recognize was one high level authority from NIC (Mother of IT in India),Col Dhanraj(Ret. Defense person,now an IT Consultant),Few students who were MSPs,MVP Raghav and more.

MSP guyz showed the photo chain they developed on msp website and Col. Dhan also added deepZoom obama into it.the photo chain has similar concept like of google maps.we zoom in any image and it loads at the point where we zoom.Also this technology has been adapted in one of nokia phone 5320 where we can take a picture from few angles and it overlaps the common portion and merges the 2 frames into 1.

Just after the Gyan there was a win a goodie session.and on stake were 12 windows Vista resource kits.and 10 original Windows Seven Beta DVDs(pretty bad they expire on Aug 1 ,2009)
i answered the question about UAC and claimed the Vista Resource Kit which costs around 900 INR.after that abhsihek asked is there any one who has submitted nay bug and i told about the windows 7 Bug i found in the Pre Beta released @ PDC 2008.So he asked me 2 fire a question @ other question was codename for xp sp2.and one member goes closest by saying "blackbomb" instead of "i hope u guyz know it else find it out"
i won another goodie that was the DVD for answering the encryption algo used in bitlocker.AES 128 bit being the answer.
So the session packed up with Thanks Note 2 all.and the venue for the next meeting of Delhi IT Pros was also decided .

i had a chat with Abhishek and to my surprise he knew me already.Infact he promoted me as a moderator over meraWindows as well.and helped me suggest a good name for my upcoming website.well the name would be coming 2 u soon.

I left the MS India office @ around 5:35 and i was on the stop to get a bus 2 my home.and the only worst part of the day was it took me over 4 hours that day 2 reach home.Its good they have kept the next Month Venue as Nehru Place.In all a great Experience of the Event.


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