Microsoft seeking feedback for Internet Explorer 9

Now that Internet Explorer 8 has reached RTM, it's time to move on to the research and planning phase of Internet Explorer 9. Was there something in IE8 that wasn't fixed or a new bug you've found? Well the IE8 team is seeking your feedback (If you had access to the Microsoft Connect website during the beta).

"Hi Everyone!
We have added a new feedback form on Connect designed specifically to handle improvements for the next version of Internet Explorer. This includes not just feature requests, but all types of feedback including issues that currently exist in IE. Please continue to rate the submissions since we will look at the top rated reports first.

Please be patient with the resolution of the reports you submit as we are in the research phase for the next version of IE. To shed some light on the status of your submissions, we'll use a new field, Review Status, which will indicate whether we have reviewed the issue or not.

Please see the Connect site for more information.

The IE Team."
So if you have a bug, suggestion, or a feature you'd like to see added to Internet Explorer 9, now is the time to let the folks up in Redmond know. If you don't have access to the Microsoft Connect IE8 program, we're sure someone here at Neowin would be kind enough to pass on any feedback to the IE team.


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