An open letter to Microsoft on Windows 8

Dear Microsoft,

Congratulations on recently releasing the Windows 7 release candidate. As I've mentioned before, it's shaping into an excellent product and I have given my reasons why I think people should upgrade.

But let's pause for a moment and look ahead to your supposed next version of Windows, Windows 8, since it's already in planning stages. Now that you've gotten a way to get some kind of backwards compatibility in your OS virtually, this presents an opportunity to rebuild Windows from the ground up and turn it into an excellent product. Here are some ideas I think should be implemented into the next version of Windows:

One version, one price
There's no need for so many different editions of Windows. It can get confusing to the end user. Just keep it to one edition and one price, say, $129 for example.

Get rid of the registry
The registry is an outdated Windows component that is very confusing to work with. Sure, it does have some advantages like for tweaks and things, but surely there must be a more efficient way to implement the heart of Windows.

Make a new web browser from the ground up
While I do think Internet Explorer has been moving in the right direction, the Trident engine is old and insecure. But I see you're working on a new web browser codenamed "Gazelle" that's supposed to be better than Internet Explorer. This gives you the opportunity to make a brand new web browser from the ground up and possibly give the competing browsers a run for their money. By the way, please make a better UI, I still think IE 8's is a bit messy.

Consider replacing Windows Media Player

with your Zune software
Don't get me wrong, I do like Windows Media Player and have it as my default media player, but I've also used your Zune software, and think it's excellent. But don't take my word for it, Paul Thurrott thinks so as well. If Zune is one of your big products and it's going international, why not replace Windows Media Player with your Zune software?

Make applications easy to install and un-install
Let's face it, sometimes applications can be a pain to install and un-install. DLL files, registry keys, all kinds of stuff scattered everything. I'm sorry but I have to pick out OS X as an example here. To install an application, the user simply downloads the .dmg file, drags it into the application folder, and they're done. To uninstall, they just drag that application from the applications folder into the trash bin. See how easy that is? No DLL files, registry keys to deal with.

With these ideas in mind, the next version of Windows could become an excellent product. Granted, Windows 7 isn't even out yet, and we have got a while to go before its successor is out, but in the computer world, there's never a perfect product, only there's always room for improvement in the future. I wish you all the best with your future products!

Kevin, a long time Windows user

Well about this article its your say what all you agree with but personaly i believe that app install/uninstall is the most interesting thing.for other points v have had a discussion earlier on as well like 1Version1price,IE is gng good but a new Browser can b thought upon but registry removal doesnt sounds kool 2 me ATM.lets c what MS brings in the pack o Win 8.


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