Fujifilm announces first 3D camera

Fujifilm has launched a new compact digital camera which is capable of capturing 3D images and video
. The camera, named the Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W1, is Fujifilm's first camera to be able to do this, and does it through the use of two lenses and two 10MP CCDs. The camera will be launched in the UK in September, according to a statement from Fuji.

The camera is held securely inside an aluminium die-cast frame, and has a 2.8 inch 3D LCD screen at the back of it, capable of displaying the 3D images and video clips that are captured by the camera. The 3D image capture works by capturing images from both lenses and then merging them into a single image, through the use of Fujifilm's "Real Photo Processor 3D".

The camera allows the two lenses to work independently, meaning that a picture of the same scene could be taken by both lenses, but with different photographic settings for each one. In addition, the user can take a picture of an object from one position, and then take a picture of it from another position, and the camera will merge the two, giving a better sense of depth in images captured.

In 2D shooting mode, the user can take advantage of the 3x optical zoom offered by each lens, taking a wide-angle shot with one lens, and a close-up with the other.

Images and videos made in 3D will require a frame capable of displaying them in 3D, and Fujifilm have released a product for just that: the Fujifilm Real 3D V1 picture viewer. Images captured on the camera can be wirelessly transferred to the frame by infrared, although only SD/SDHC memory can be used for the transfer of 3D movies.

Prices are unavailable for the products so far, but there should be an update in the coming weeks, as the products are due for release in the UK in September.

Source: Neowin


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