Kiss Batteries Goodbye: Wireless Electricity Is Here

In less than half a decade, we could forget how a power outlet and cable look like
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Electrical energy is known to be a thing of cables. That is to say, you have a cord going into the toaster, another one in the TV, and a couple more inside the computer. But a new approach to electricity transfer, whose grounds were set at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will be able to recharge a cell phone or power up a computer without any cables, for instance, in a short period of time, namely one to two years. The power will be transmitted safely and efficiently through the air, the developers of this new technology say, the BBC News informs.

At the TED Global conference, held in Oxford, the United Kingdom, the Chief Executive of the United States-based enterprise Witricity, Eric Giler, showcased a number of devices, including a cell phone and a television set that were being charged via the new technology. The exec also highlighted the fact that, if the new method caught on, then, in a few years, the world could be spared from the hassles of having to rely on thousands of miles of insecure electrical cables for their appliances, and also that humankind could finally give up the costly and extremely inefficient battery industry


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