Microsoft Office 2010 TP Activation Confusion

There have been some confusion regarding Activation of Office 2010 Technical Preview (TP), as it has been discussed in forums and Newsgroups. Here’s the clarification which should clear this doubt.

I hope you all got Invites for Microsoft Office 2010 from Microsoft Connect to be among the first people in the world to experience Office 2010, and have already obtained the Key and installed it. Let us start right from the installation. When you start the installation, it will ask for the Product Key.

So once installation is successful let us focus on Activation part, where the confusion is. If the checked box shown in above picture is checked and you are connected to net, the product will be activated automatically. To check this, Open Word or any other Office Product, Click on Office button on top left and click on ‘Word’, don’t click on ‘options’ just below it.

Actually it shows 2 messages (I have shown in 2 different colored outlines ) , One with Red Outline says ‘You have a license for this product’ ,This is for Microsoft Office Professional 2010, So your product is already activated. And below it there’s another (shown in blue outline) which says ‘You are running a trial version of’ with a button ‘Licensing Operations’. DON’T CLICK ON IT TO ACTIVATE. It also shows ‘This product will become unlicensed in …. days’ . Don’t confuse with this, this is for other product which is not related to ours. Our product is Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (Technical Preview) which is already activated as I said earlier.

Our Friend Vasudevg has resolved the confusion.Read more here


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