Backstage Concept in Office 2010


Office 2010 also replaces the old File menu with a new interface called Backstage. This view, which is triggered by clicking the application button, takes up the entire application window and represents the "behind the scenes” operations that you can perform on the currently loaded document." It's also the place where you can access application options and other items that were previously found in the File menu, including Print, another essential, or core, Office capability. (In Backstage parlance, the document content is considered "on stage.")

Instead of launching a menu of choices, Backstage pops-up a window-like view where you can quickly perform tasks like saving and printing files and configuring preferences. Quick access to permissions, document meta-data under document info is also there.Hands on & you might find you like Backstage even more. For example, you can preview a document right from the “Print” settings so you don’t have to go to a separate “Print Preview” area anymore. Clicking ‘Print’ under the Office 2010 button opens a plethora of printing options. No need go through a ‘Print Wizard’ you can select all your print options from here & hit print.


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