Firefox : Fail to Recover Recent tab Error

Its the first time i saw this thing but a good feature in Firefox.Recently i had a windows crash and after that  firefox had some problem recovering from those tabs.Till now browsers did not provide an alternate option but now it provides a page which has “Well this is Embarrassing” text and below 2 options are also provide.

  • Either open a new session
  • Try to recover from the last open tabs.You can restore particular tabs.


Well , you may be confident that Firefox provides you a backup of recent tabs in case of crash in the Recover Tabs .

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  • were you being sarcastic or do you know of a way that FF can restore previous tabs, once lost? I had the "emarrassing" message and inadvertently closed the "restore session" tab before closing FF so next time I try to open FF it has NONE of my previous tabs!! AAAArgh
    I do NOT want to wade thru my history - some of those tabs have been open a while!

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