Force all folders to Unhide : Pst virus attack counter measures

Many of us have experienced attack of viruses someday or other.I too
recently experienced one and it was the worst one in last 5 years i
have faced.Nod32 never disappointed me but dont know what happened
this time.My lapy as well as Deski both started showing the
symptoms.although there wasnt any potential harm but all folders had a
Folder 'MSOCACHE' and all folders were hidden too.
Using MSE Beta removed the virus completly but still i wasnt able to
change the hidden folders to Unhidden one.After a lot of Querries &
Binging,Googling i finally found solution from a Freind who is a MVP
as well,Ramesh Kumar.
There is a command that is used to force all folders attribute to unhidden.
Here are the steps:
Simply Go to Run
type 'CMD'
press Enter
Type this command "attrib -h -s -a -r * /s /d"
And you are done.


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