Microsoft Outlook 2010 : New Features

I Have been Beta testing Microsoft Office 2010.And i found some new features in Outlook 2010.
  • Clean Up Conversation : Removes redundant parts of email messages, rid from quoted junk
  • Ignore thread : Deletes all current & future responses of a never ending email with a single click.
  • Quick Steps : Collection of built-in multi step functions ,also you can define & modify by QS interface
  • Mail Tips : Alerts/warns when sending inappropriate email or doing something not practical. e.g.sending mail to out of office, workgroup .No data leaks. Requires Exchange 2010
  • UI of email conversations : upgraded to look almost like a message tree, for better visual view of emails
  • Jumplists in Outlook 2010 : use of Windows 7’s Jumplist feature for quick access to certain processes.

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