Microsoft Word 2010 : New Features


The following features are new to Office suite 2010:
  • Improved document searching : Replaces previous generation find dialog. New navigation pane for search. Enter text, search results highlights, mouse over tells page on which there is occurence of the search text, Like Adobe PDF
  • Paste Preview : Cut / paste info from internet is easy. No more clean up of Hyperlinks. Paste behavior can be set in three ways. Live preview of paste.
  • Co-authoring : Requires SharePoint server 2010.Coauthoring of document in real time can be done. Members can work simultaneously & Edits ,tracks & flaggs the changes .You can also block sections of documents.
  • New text effects: Better typography capabilities, stylistic alternates,Improvements to WordArt and Text Effects
  • Improved picture editing capabilities : Includes an image & video editor within app itself.No need of external 3rd party Image editor required now.
  • Visual navigation pane & section header breakdown which makes it easy to jump around different sections


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