Excel 2010 Paste Options

I recently discussed Paste options in Office 2010 which have been upgraded to show a paste preview and it provides different types of pastes with formatting or without.In excel the paste preview has few more options.

paste option_excel

In the screenshot above i have copied a cell and then tried to paste it in some other cell.These are all paste options i had:

Under Paste we have the following pastes available :

  • Paste
  • Formulas
  • Formulas & Number formatting
  • Keep Source formatting
  • No Borders
  • Keep source Column widths
  • Transpose

Under Paste Values we have the following pastes available :

  • Values
  • Values & Number formatting
  • Values & Source formatting

Under Other Paste Options we have the following pastes available :

  • Formatting
  • Paste Link
  • Picture
  • Linked Picture

You can also have a paste preview of any of the above option,just mouse over that option & paste preview would be shown in the excel sheet itself.


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